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Our country has a vast network of roads, of which most of them are properly paved and allow access to different attractions.
Places to stay
Guanacaste is one of the most important in terms of visitation, both national and foreign tourists, it is for this reason that it can find a wide variety of hotels of all categories, many of them with world-renowned.

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Horseback Riding

Guanacaste as a rural zone allows the actualization of these activities in coastal areas, communities and mountainous areas. Horseback riding tours are given by touristic companies or owners of cattle farms who rent out their horses.


Observatory Walks

There is no limit to the diverse paths that you can take and observe: there are distinct natural, historical, architectural, cultural, religious and commercial attractions for you to enjoy.


Historical and Architectural Site Observation

There are sites and buildings of architectural and historical interest that are looked at as National Monument worthy and are considered obligatory visits, primarily in Abangares, Bagaces, Cañas, Liberia, Santa Cruz and Nicoya.


Food Tasting

The typical towns are characterized by having mini restaurants called "sodas", cafeterías, and restaurants where one can enjoy the cuisine of Guanacaste: Cañas, Tilarán, Liberia and primarily Santa Cruz and Nicoya stand out as the traditional communities for typical food and drink.


Bird Observation

Bird observation can take place primarily in the protected areas. Palo Verde, Curú, Isla Bolaños and Tenorio are the most noted although there are other sites that allow the enjoyment of this activity.



Because of the climatic conditions of Guanacaste there is a richness of flora and fauna, along with other various natural, cultural and architectural landscapes, which makes the taking of photography one of the most practiced activities by tourists.


Tree Canopy Adventures

There are various activities offered in the rainforest. Among the canopy of the forest, one can enjoy the observation of tree top activities and the observation of various monkey and bird species.



This recreational or adventurous activity takes place in Guanacaste thanks to the excellent diving sites that it possesses and also to the specialist companies that offer services to foreign visitors. Among the strategic sites are Golfo Papagayo and the Santa Catalina islands.


Craft Sales

The craftsmanship in Guaitil of Santa Cruz and San Vicente of Nicoya are elaborate with pure clay following the traditional and ancestral techniques of the Chorotega Indigenous peoples. They made: adornments, vases, flowerpots, plates, ornaments, and other figurines, for the fine finish and for interest in acquiring them, you can buy them in different places in Guanacaste.


Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is one of the principal attractions of the Pacific North, one can do recreational or adventure sport fishing, but there are also tournaments of great interest where various world records have been broken in fishing picudo (a specific type of fish), which are returned to the sea after weighing.

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