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Our country has a vast network of roads, of which most of them are properly paved and allow access to different attractions.
Places to stay
Guanacaste is one of the most important in terms of visitation, both national and foreign tourists, it is for this reason that it can find a wide variety of hotels of all categories, many of them with world-renowned.

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Who are we?

The Liberia Chamber of Tourism- CALITUR is composed of businessmen and women involved directly or indirectly with the tourism industry in Guanacaste. The Chamber also identifies problems (real or potential) and searches for solutions by means of its affiliates. CALITUR develops forces in support of constructing viable tourism in Guanacaste in the long and short run. To date, CALITUR has more than 130 affiliate members. Its Joint Director periodically monitors the multiple projects that are implemented in the zone, in many cases with narrow contribution from other non-profit institutions, regional and central governments.


  • Promote Guanacaste as a premiere destination in Costa Rica.
  • Take advantage of the resources and opportunities that we have for the tourism industry in Guanacaste.
  • Maintain that the affiliated members become a part of the growth that Guanacaste is experiencing.
  • Offer visitors important information about our region, Guanacaste.

We also have a Center for Distribution of Tourist Information, inside the Daniel Oduber Quirós Airport in Liberia, where we offer general and basic information and also information about our affiliates to all of the national and international tourists that enter the airport. Our representative at the Kiosk Stand is located in the area just past immigration.

The goals for the Liberia Chamber of Tourism-CALITUR are:

  • To foster different types of deeds that promote the development of regional and national tourism.
  • To make sure that touristic development is in accordance with the rules of conservation of the environment and current universal ecologists; encouraging its associates to obtain environmental awareness and healthy ecological procedures.
  • To maintain positive relationships between the different sectors of tourism by means of solving common problems, the conciliation of interests and the coordination of activities.
  • To support the actions of its associates in order to promote a high level of touristic activity by means of the concentration and coordination of efforts.
  • Intervene (by request) in the matters that could arise between associates, looking for means to find solutions that are in agreement with the objectives of the matter.
  • To collaborate and maintain relationships with the official offices, public and private entities of the country linked directly or indirectly to tourism.
  • To promote the development and interchange of professional, technological and cultural experiences. Making a conventional atmosphere and facilitating socio-cultural actions that bring an enriched interchange of shared experiences.
  • Promote our capabilities in the touristic areas and any other areas that require affiliates.
  • To channel national and international support in order to develop projects not only for the association, but for the touristic development of the region and the rest of the country; and also to give incentives for participation of every physical person or business representative.
  • To stimulate the consolidation, strengthening and development of the Chambers of tourism in Guanacaste, integrating them into the regional expansion programs that are carried out.
  • To establish and coordinate the opening of Technology Centers, which will function as Touristic Information Centers systemized via internet to attend to any person that desires to know, reserve, or buy regional or national tourism offers on-line.

Regarding the projects that we are actually working on, you can find some like the following:

  • Foundation for a Multilingual Costa Rica- ALIARSE Foundation (Volunteer Program for Costa Rica English for Sustainable Tourism). Initiated by the former president of the Republic Oscar Arias Sánchez, with the objective to increase the amount of English speakers in the country.
  • CALITUR magazine- which is distributed hand to hand to the tourists that arrive through the Daniel Oduber International Airport.
  • Credomatic Project- Travel card
  • MINAET- "Festival in Guanacaste, the bio-geological paradise of Costa Rica and the world"
  • Web Page
  • Delegation to Nicaragua (where CALITUR proposes the following agenda)
  • Trans-Border tourism
  • National Nicaraguan tourism offers
  • Facilitation of border procedures for organized tourism businesses
Todas las bellezas naturales en Guanacaste - CALITUR
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